Entranceof Nara Women's University

Certificates that can be acquired

  The following certificates may be acquired from the Nara Women’s University.

  Some certificates require completion of a graduate school course to be awarded.

  *For certificates marked with an asterisk, students must submit an application to be awarded the qualification.


[Teaching certificate]

・Upper secondary school type I (Japanese Language, Geography and History, Civics. English, and Calligraphy)

・Lower secondary school type I (Social Studies, Japanese Language, English)

・Primary school type I

・Kindergarten type I

*Specialist teaching licenses for the above school types and subjects (excluding calligraphy) may be acquired through graduate school studies. Certificates


[School Librarian]




[Social Researcher (up until students who enrolled in the 2017 academic year.)]*

[Advanced Social Researcher (graduate school)]*


[Certified Psychologist]*

[Clinical Developmental Psychologist (graduate school)]*

[Professional Psychologists (qualification to take professional examination)]*


*Student is required to continue on to graduate school study or gain practical experience.