Information for applicants

▪ Admission tests and entry requirements
Nara Women's University warmly welcomes female undergraduate and graduate students from overseas. Applicants are requested to sit special admission tests in the category of "Gaikokujin Ryugakusei Tokubetsu Senbatsu master's and doctor's courses " as part of our admission process. The tests assess particular abilities relevant to successful degree-level study. In some courses, particularly those associated with natural science, applicants may choose to take tests and interviews either in English or in Japanese. Nevertheless, the applicants are recommended to have a minimum level of Japanese literacy, of which certificate is usually, but not exclusively, requested to be included as part of the documents in a set of application forms. We are very sorry that the application form in the format of any language other than Japanese is not presently available as appeared in the pdf-document cited above. However, those who are not at all familiar with Japanese language but would like to apply to any of our courses are encouraged to send the e-mail of enquiry, preferably in English, to Information and Service Desk at, or more straightforwardly to each academic staff whose research project is thought to comply with the interest of the applicant. Every staff of Nara Women's University should be delighted to assist prospective students from overseas and from Japan alike. In fact, more than 25% of students who have got doctor's degrees after completing the course are those from overseas (click here).
Please remember that the complete set of application forms for the doctor's course needs to be submitted by (26 November 2004). Usually we accept these applications twice a year for the entrance examinations. The application procedure for certain courses, especially for some master's courses, might differ from that of doctor's course, so always check the specific instructions given for each course as posted in this web site.

▪ Financial support for students
Nara Women's University offers a limited number of students a reduction (by half) or waiving of tuition fees, allowing for their financial difficulties. This is because no student should have to leave the university before gaining a degree, owing to financial difficulties.
Financial supports from various organizations are also available: such organizations include Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), which provides overseas students with, information about scholarships and grants, for example, Japanese Government Scholarship. A comprehensive list "Guide to Scholarships" is available in a web page (in English) at
where scholarships offered by other organizations and institutions are also included. Our English page at displays a digest of "Guide to Scholarships". For more information about a few financial supporting plans specific to the students of Nara Women's University, please contact us at

▪ Admission statistics
Since the foundation of doctor's course in 1981, 60 students who have been awarded the doctor's degree were from overseas until 2003, amounting to more than 25% of all the recipients of doctor's degree after completing the course. This represents how significant the contribution of overseas students to the teaching and research activity of this university is! The list summarizing doctor's theses can be browsed by clicking here, if your browser is compatible with the Japanese characters. Its English version will be posted here as soon as possible.