Introduction of Divisions

Department of Human Sciences [Master's Course]

The Division of Human Sciences

The major of Human Science offers a higher degree of specialized education of and research into human beings and human behaviors. The field of this major consists of 2 courses, which are "Education- Philosophical Anthropology" and "Studies for Human Relations and Behaviors".

The Course of Education-Philosophical Anthropology
The course of Education-Philosophical Anthropology includes four sub-courses, which are Philosophy, Education, Music and Body Culture.
The sub-course of Philosophy offers basic research into the problems of human beings in modern society through the disciplines of Modern Philosophy, Ethical Thought and Philosophical Anthropology.
In the sub-course of Education, every aspect of educational culture should be studied from the perspectives of different disciplines, such as Educational Anthropology, History of Education and Sociology of Education, aiming at theoretical and empirical elucidation of education and human development.
In the sub-course of Music, based on the specialized studies of Theory of Music, the total relationship between music and human beings, society, daily life and visual effects should be studied, keeping a close relation with fine arts in other fields.
The sub-course of Body Culture offers historical and sociological approach to Physical Activities, Popular Cultures. Various cultures are focused on from the aspect of "body", to renew our understanding of our history and society.
The Course of Studies for Human Relations and Behaviors
The course aims at high professional research and systematic education on psychology. It includes a wide range of fields of psychology; Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Educational Psychology and Clinical Psychology. It also provides the curriculum corresponding to the Clinical Developmental Psychologist that is an expert of assisting human healthy development.

[Educational Philosophy]
The goal of the Department of Human Behavioral Sciences is to conduct in-depth studies into humans and human behavior from a broad perspective, through research in fields such as philosophy and thought, educational theory, life-long education, cognitive and developmental psychology, clinical psychology, music, physical education, and sports. This Department offers three main courses: Education- Philosophical Anthropology, which examines human existence and culture, and the formation of the human being; Studies for Human Relations and Behaviors, which examines human behavior; and Sport Science, which focuses on sports culture and sports activities, and conducts specialized research into the phenomena of physical action.

[Expectations of Students]
Students applying for studies in this Division should have a clear research outlook based on studies and research in an Undergraduate Department, as well as a sincere awareness of problems based in social life. The Department shares the philosophy of Nara Women's University in that women should advance their role in society, and so seeks students with a strong desire to give back to society the benefits of their research in this Department in the future. Given that after completion of this Program students will have the opportunity to move on to the Doctoral Program and acquire a Ph.D., these students must have a high level of motivation, and the ability to conduct independent research.

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