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Department of Computer Science and Clothing Environment [Master's Course]

With lifestyle changes, global warming, and the increased use of information technology, our modern society is markedly and continuously changing. In such a situation, the importance of clothing environments, which support their activities, is increasing. With the goal of creating safe and comfortable clothing environments needed today, we cover the following areas of education and research: polymers and fiber assemblies as materials for clothing environments; apparel designing and production; computerized fashion designing; frontier technologies such as wearable computers; and the management and reuse of clothes. We aim to develop human resources, and nurture leaders with the ability to create comfortable, sensitive clothing environments.

The Course of Clothing Environmental Science
The Clothing Environmental Science Course provides professional education related to a comfortable clothing life and covers fiber science, textile technology and chemistry, apparel technology and clothing design. The motto of this course is 'Education for talented persons with not only technical knowledge, but also creativity, a rich research ability for problem-solving.' Students in this course gain a quality education and comprehensive training in the physics and chemistry of apparel materials, surface chemistry, human engineering, information science and apparel design, etc. Graduates of this course are expected to play an active part in various fields, serving as technical experts and project planning staff in the fiber and apparel industry, researchers in the field of chemical detergents and product development, and specialists in consumer affairs centers.
The Course of Life Computing and Communication Technology
More than half a century has passed since the start of commercial use of the computer, the IT in the contemporary society, in addition to the science and technology calculations and the business use in enterprises, the general public comes to use the technology and the environment in everyday life. Life computing such as online shop, email and SNS, weather and traffic information used in everyone’s daily life will continue to deepen the increasingly important in the future.
With the aim of learning advanced ICT to the demands of the current civilization and society, the education and research on applied technology including semantic web, agents, and virtual reality as well as on basic technology such as software engineering and infrastructure system development are deeply performed. We promise to produce human resources capable of system development and information dissemination using the advanced ICT in society.

[Main Subjects]

Clothing Environmental Science Course

  • Detergency
  • Apparel Care and Maintenance
  • Clothing Environmental Science
  • Fiber Structure
  • Fiber Surface Analysis Theory
  • Clothing Environmental Materials Science

  • Life Computing and Communication Technology Course

  • Life Computing
  • Special Course in Operating System
  • Special Course in Software Engineering
  • Special Course in Algorithms and Complexity
  • Special Course in Logic Programming
  • Special Course in Web Programming

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