Introduction of Divisions

Department of Residential Architecture and Environmental Science [Master's Course]

The course covers theories and practice of planning, design and management of residential environment including dwellings, public space and landscape by investigating all the aspects of human life. The research fields in this course are extended to dwelling style and system, engineering of residential environment, planning and design of residential environment, management of human settlement and regional habitation. It also includes educational directions to develop technical abilities to envision and realize creative solutions in the field of residential environment.


[Main Subjects]
▪ Theory of Dwelling
▪ Architectural History and Conservation Planning
▪ Architectural Environment Technology1
▪ Architectural Environment Technology2
▪ Residential Environmental Design
▪ Maintenance and Management of Residential Environment
▪ Planning of Multi-Family Housing
▪ Political Theory of Regional Space
▪ Landscape Design
▪ Structural Design for Prevention of Disasters
▪ Special Course in Residential Equipment
▪ Special Lecturer on Residential Environment