Introduction of Divisions

Department of Culture and Humanities [Master's Course]

This department is concerned with all phenomena related to living environments and social relationships. It comprises a wide range of academic fields including sociology, psychology, economics, law, history, and gender theory. Each faculty member specializes in a unique subject matter, undertaking various methods of research. In our educational system, every graduate student is assigned two academic supervisors with unique specializations, who offer deeper insights on a wide range of topics.

It is recommended that graduate students read books and articles authored by each faculty member to understand the kind of research themes, theories, and methods they use. By doing so, students may familiarize themselves with the available fields and consequently, narrow down the methods to focus on their own research. The humanities and social sciences do not seek to find a correct answer. It is through research that we can gain a complex understanding of social issues and find a multitude of answers malleable enough to fit into our ever-changing society. We hope that graduate students will pursue originality and cultivate new perspectives while studying in our department.


[Main Subjects]
▪ Life History Studies
▪ Seminar in Life History Studies
▪ Comparative Human Relations
▪ Seminar in Comparative Human Relations
▪ Sociology of Population and Family
▪ Seminar in Sociology of Population and Family
▪ Studies of Consumer Law System
▪ Seminar in Studies of Consumer Law System
▪ Comparative Legal History
▪ Seminar in Comparative Legal History
▪ Life Risk Management
▪ Seminar in Life Risk Management
▪ Culture and Representation
▪ Seminar in Culture and Representation
▪ Economics of Consumption
▪ Seminar in Economics of Consumption
▪ Comparative History
▪ Seminar in Comparative History
▪ Special Studies of Life and Humanities