Introduction of Divisions

Department of Culture and Humanities [Master's Course]

Human lifestyles are based on social relationships in the local community and in the family, with elements such as architecture, apparel, food, and consumer activities intervening. They develop within a social framework of law, economics, medial and social systems, and so on. The educational and research activities carried out in the Development of Culture and Humanities are primarily concerned with the integration of social science and cultural science research methods, the re-examination of familiar aspects of daily life and culture, and the identification of life problems with problem-solving orientation. The department offers a historical perspective of comparative cultural studies, giving depth and a flexible, multi-tiered perspective.


[Main Subjects]
▪ Cultural Study of Human Relationships
▪ Seminar in Human Relationships
▪ Study of Family Problems
▪ Study of Family Relations
▪ Family and Gender Studies
▪ Cultural Study of Gender
▪ History of Medicine, Society, and Culture
▪ History of Women's Lives
▪ Cultural History of Japanese Apparel
▪ Practicum in the Creation of Traditional Clothing
▪ Cultural Anthropology of Everyday Life
▪ Seminar in Ethnography
▪ Consumer Economics
▪ Study of Consumer Activities
▪ Risk Sociology
▪ Household Economics
▪ Analysis of Household Economics
▪ Welfare for Elderly
▪ Seminar in Life and Welfare
▪ Consumer Law
▪ Seminar in Consumer Law