Introduction of Divisions

Division of Humanities [Doctoral Course]

Comparative Culture

Subjects Status Name
Prehistoric Archaeology Prof. MIYAJI Atsuko
Comparative Ethnology Prof. MUTO Yasuhiro
History of Society and Culture in Medieval Japan Prof. NISHIYACHI Seibi
History of Japanese Culture Prof. NISHIMURA Satomi
History of Society and Culture in Ancient China Prof. SAHARA Yasuo
History of Asian Culture Prof. YAJIMA Yoichi
Historical Archaeology Visiting Prof. JINNO Megumi
(Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties)
Japanese Archaeology Visiting Prof. IMAI Koki
(Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties)
Historical Documents Visiting Associate Prof. KUWATA Kuniya
(Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties)
Structure of Japanese Language and Culture Prof. OKAZAKI Makiko
Expression of Japanese Language and Culture Associate Prof. OYAMA Shin
Structure of Chinese Language and Culture Prof. OHIRA Sachiyo
Expression of Chinese Language and Culture Associate Prof. MAEDA Masami
Tradition of Chinese Language and Culture Prof. NOMURA Ayuko
Japanese and Asian Representational Cultures Associate Prof. SATO Yukiko
Analysis of Japanese and Asian Language Prof. SUZUKI Hiromitsu
Japanese Ancient and Medieval Literature Prof. OKUMURA Kazumi
Japanese Early Modern and Modern Japanese Literature Prof. ISOBE Atsushi
Japanese and Asian Philological Materials Visiting Prof. IIDA Takehiko
(Office of Shosoin Treasure House)
Japanese and Asian Classical Materials Visiting Prof. NOJIRI Tadashi
(Nara National Museum)
American Language and Culture Associate Prof. NAKAGAWA Chiho
Discourse Studies Prof. SUGA Ayumi
European and American Linguistic Analysis Prof. YOSHIMURA Akiko
European and American Linguistics and Usage Associate Prof. KONNO Hiroaki
English Language and Culture Prof. SAITO Miwa
Artistic Representation in European and American Culture Prof. ICHIKAWA Chieko
American Language and Culture : Critical Analysis Prof. TAKEMOTO Noriaki
European and American Language and Culture Prof. TAKAOKA Naoko
German Language and Culture: Critical Analysis Prof. YOSHIDA Takao

Social and Human Studies

Subjects Status Name
History of Thoughts for Human Development Prof. NII Hitomi
System Theory of Education Associate Prof. YASUDA Takashi
Study on Music Culture Prof. FUJII Yasuyuki
Cultural Study of Human Development Prof. YANAGISAWA Yugo
Body Cultural Studies Prof. SUZUKI Koshi
Cognitive Social Psychology Prof. NAKAYAMA Michiko
Cognitive Psychology Associate Prof. AMAGASE Masahiro
Clinical Development Associate Prof. INUMAKI Shuji
Educationaal Psychology  Associate Prof. TAKEHASHI Hiroki
Cultural Sociology Prof. OGAWA Nobuhiko
Methodology of Quantitative Sociology Prof. HAYASHI Takuya
Special Course in Sociology of Community Prof. MIZUGAKI Gentaro
Studies of Local Cultures Prof. TERAOKA Shingo
Historical-Cultural Geography Prof. UCHIDA Tadayoshi
Urban-Social Geography Prof. YOSHIDA Yoko
Geographical Information Science Prof. ISHIZAKI Kenji
Special cource in behavioral geography Prof. NISHIMURA Yuichiro
Special Course on Asian Physical Environment Associate Prof. ASADA Haruhisa