SCoPE 2011

Science Communication Program
for Every student
August 17-23, 2011
Nara, Japan

1. Objectives

The conference program is guided by the following five objectives as follows:
  1. To develop studentsf abilities to put forward questions and to work on problems
  2. To foster abilities to lead discussions after acknowledging each otherfs differences
  3. To nurture communication abilities through exchanges with participants from different cultural backgrounds
  4. To let students realize math is the universal language and natural science is the common view of the world
  5. To have students learn about the long history of cultural and technical exchange among Asian countries and learn from the creative ancient cultures by visiting World Heritage sites in Nara

2. Schedule

DAY 1 August 17(Wed.)

DAY 2 August 18(Thu.)

DAY 3 August 19(Fri.)

DAY 4 August 20(Sat.)

DAY 5 August 21(Sun.)

DAY 6 August 22(Mon.)

DAY 7 August 23(Tue.)

6. Work Shop