"Career Design Seminar B (37)"
"Career Design Seminar B (37)" is the course from 10:40 to 12:10 on Wednesdays, starting from 15th May. In this course, international students and Japanese students plan and carry out a day trip at the end of June together.

If you are interested in taking this course:

Please send an e-mail to iec@cc.nara-wu.ac.jp

 by 12:00pm on Wednesday, 17th April.


Include the following 6 information in the e-mail:

1.Your Name



4.Your E-mail Address or Telephone Number

5.Languages You speak

6.Why do you want take this course? Or where do you want to go on the tour?


If the course proves too popular, we will carry out selection and let you know of the result by the noon of Thursday, 18th April.

Please enroll on the course by yourself by 19 April if you hear from us that you can take the course.

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Please check the latest information on Twitter (https://twitter.com/NWUIEC2014/). If you can not join the course but want to go on tour, follow up and retweet.