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Shikadou (Goi)

The Way to the Attainment of the Flower (Five Levels)
Height, 14.6cm., width 15.7cm.; manuscript copy; one book, square format; retchou binding (bound at the spine); cover design of fan with deer and bush clover in silver on a gilt-silver background of mist; frontispiece of the same paper, thin paper of blended choshi,. Ink on 28 pages; including one loose leaf; outer title @Shika (insect damage); colophon @Ouei 27, a day in the 6th month, written by Zea[mi].@

Zeami was 58 years of age in Ouei 27. This is a treatise in noh practice in five parts, i.e., the first on the two modes and three forms, nikyoku santai no koto 二曲三体; followed by sections on mushufu no koto 無主風事, kan'i no koto 闌位事, hinikukotsu no koto 皮肉骨事, taiyou no koto 体用事. This manuscript, in the same hand as the Houzanji manuscript of Fuushikaden, is from the late-Muromachi-era. On the final three pages is attached the text of Goi, which had also been transmitted through Zeami.

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