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(A Mirror of the Flower)
Height, 30.2cm., width 22.3cm.; manuscript copy, one book; blue paper cover; ink on 31 pages with one loose leaf. As is indicated by the colophon of Kawase Kazuma that reads "when I first discovered this in the spring of Shouwa 16 (1941), it was so heavily damaged and incomplete that I thought it might be impossible for it to retain its form as a book, but due to the efforts of an artisan (Ogura Kiyoshi), it has become a keepsake for the ages, " it had been greatly damaged and was incomplete when repaired. The Eikyou 9 (1437) colophon indicates it that it is earliest of all extant manuscripts of the text.

Given that Zeami was 62 years of age according to his original colophon dated Ouei 31 (1424), this works explains the arts that Zeami had mastered since the age of forty.

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