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Nouhon sanjuugoban mokuroku

(A List of the Thirty-Five Noh Texts)
Height 32.5cm., width 52.1cm.; choshi, paper made from fibers of mulberry trees (kouzo); One sheet.

This list is thought to have originally been the paper wrapper for noh texts ets. in the hand of Zeami. On the edge of what is now the reverse side (originally the face) of this sheet is written "In the hand of Zeami," and on the edge of the current face is written "thirty-five noh texts in the hand of Ze[ami]".

Thirty-three titles are recorded on the upper half of the sheet, and below in different hand is found the notation "Un addition, there are also the noh texts 'Yoroboshi' and 'Sao no uta'" for a total of thirty-five items. One theory has it that the three characters reading "in the hand of Ze[ami]" resemble the calligraphy of Komparu Zenchiku, however, since all the extant noh texts in the hand of Zeami at Houzanji temple appear on the list, it is thought that a someone later supplemented a list of works in Zeami's hand that been conveyed to Zenchiku.

Nouhon sanjuugoban mokuroku

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