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Letter of Zami to Zenchiku, dated 14th day of the 5th month
Height, 24.7cm., width 30.6cm.; thin choshi, paper made from fibers of mulberry trees (kouzo); mounted as single hand scroll; dated, "14th day of the 5th month;" signed, "Zea" kaou monogram; addressed, "response to Komparu Dayuu-dono."

"Komparu Dayuu" refers to Ujinobu, later Zenchiku, A line in the text reads "as for playing the shite part, I have already received the seal of permission" indicating Zenchiku as Dayuu of the za had previously been granted the right to play the lead, shite, part, so it can be surmised that it was written several years after Zeami bestowed on Zenchiku the Shuugyokutokka (Gathering Jewels and Attaining the Flower) in Shouchou 1 (1428).

In the first year of the Shouchou era, Zeami was 66 years of age, Zenchiku, 24. The reference to "the second abbot of Fuganji" in the letter refers to Chikusou Chigon, who was the second head of Fuganji, a Zen temple located in Ajima, Tawaramotochou in Nara Prefecture. This combined with his usage of the term "inka," a certificate bestowed by a master on his disciple, indicates that Zeami was greatly influenced by Zen.

Furthermore, the current paper wrapper for this letter is titled @Present to Haru onkata, humbly stated from Kiya, Zea[mi]@ The word Haru in @Haru onkata@ refers to Komparu. Kiya is the name of Zemai's daughter who wed Zenchiku. It is clear that this wrapper actually accompanied another letter that is now in the possession of Housei Daigaku Nougaku Kenkyuujo.

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