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Letter of Zeami to Zenchiku, dated 8th day of the 6th month
Height, 20.5cm.,width 55.4cm.; thin choshi, paper made from fibers of mulberry trees (kouzo); mounted as single hand scroll; dated, "8th day of the 6th month;" signed, "Shiou (The Ancient One, kaou monogram)." It is addressed "Present to Komparu Dayuu-dono."

On the reverse edge is written "Present to Komparu Dayuu-dono, Zea[mi]," As the letter mentions "serving after having taken the tonsure," it is surely from the period after Zeami took the tonsure in his sixtieth year. Since it mentions "being in the unfathomable countryside, I don't even have paper," it is thought to be a letter from his time in Sado. As it mentions "receiving the letter on demon noh," it is surely Zeami's response to Zenchiku's questions about the demon noh.

Zeami's zeal in responding from exile to Zenchiku's questions on the art of noh is striking.

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