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Image of Rokurin ikken no zu, souan
Rokurin ichiro no taiiin the hand of Zenchiku

(The Purport of the Six Spheres and the Single Dewdrop)
ϻذǷơRokurin ikken no zu, souan :
A draft of the illustration of Six Spheres and the Single Sword

Height, 28.7 cm., width 42.3 cm.; choshi, paper made from fibers of mulberry trees (kouzo), mounted as single hand scroll.

On the edge of the reverse is written, "This is the ultimate of noh, composed by Takeda The Wise Old One Zen[chiku]; in his own hand. This contains matters of greatest secrecy."

Corresponding to the notation on the reverse edge is attached a separate sheet with the words "This title is in the august hand of Zenpou Houshi, Ujitsuna" in vermilion ink. Illustrations of each of the six spheres and the one dewdrop are accompanied by Buddhist and Confucian commentary.

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