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Shidou yousho (Joudokyou hihan)

Essential for Attaining the Way (A critique of the Pure Land Teachings)
Height, 28.8cm., width 22.6cm.; manuscript copy; one book; provisional fukurotoji binding; ink on thirteen pages; choshi, paper made from fibers of mulberry trees (kouzo); outer title Shidou youshou; on the inside of the provisional cover is written "18th day of the 6th month, 17th day of reclusion at the Monju Hall at Inari Shrine,."

This work is said to have been created prior to the third month of the second year of the Ounin era (1468), when the Monjudou at the Fushimi Inari Shrine was burned down during the Ounin war. Judging from the content, it seems to have been written after Rokurin ichiro hichuu (Bunsho era), probably in Ounin 1 (1467).

This noh treatise in the hand of Komparu Zenchiku develops on Zeami's treatise on music, the Go'on (Five Tones). It proposes eight tones, i.e., the celebratory tone, the celebratory mode, the entertaining mode, the ineffably subtle tone, the passionate attachment, grief, the transcendent mode, and the tranquil mode, which are melded with the Buddhist concepts of threefold study, sangaku, i.e., precepts, meditative concentration, and discernment, and the three kinds of acts, sangou, i.e., bodily, verbal, and mental to form a noh treatise of the @threefold study and the three performance modes.@ A @Critique of the Pure Land Teaching@ has been appended on the final three pages.

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