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猿 楽 縁 起
Sarugaku engi
(The Karmic Origins of Sarugaku), in the hand of Zenchiku
Height, 32.1cm., width 45.8cm; choshi, paper made from fibers of mulberry trees (kouzo); mounted as single hand scroll; on the reverse edge is written, "Sarugaku engi, Komparu Taiyu-dono, Zenchiku." The colophon reads, "20th day of the 3rd month, Ounin 2, at Tafukuan Yamashiro Makinoyama, the wise old man, Zenchiku (kaou monogram), 64 years of age."

The first half of this work is devoted to the origin on the term "Sarugaku" and quotes from Ichijou Kaneyoshi's commentary on the Rokurin ichiro no ki. The second half, on its trans mission, has the same content as the Enmaiza keizu. Zenchiku bestowed this work on Komparu Shichirou Taiyu Motouji.

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