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Enmaiza no keizu (Lineage of the Komparu house)
in the hand of Zenchiku
Height, 44.4 cm., width 27.2 cm.; choshi, paper made from fibers of mulberry trees (kouzo), mounted as single hand scroll.

This is a lineage of the Enmaiza, one of the four sarugaku guilds (za) in Yamato province. The lineage begins with such legendary figures as Jouguu Ou Taishi, an alternate name for Shoutoku Taishi, Hata Kawakatsu, Hata Ujiyasu, and ends with Komparu Ujiyasu (Zenchiku) and Komparu Shichirou Taiyu Motouji.

This manuscript is thought to have been written during the same period as the Sarugaku engi, during the last years of Zenchiku's life.

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