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Komparu-ke no shomotsu no nikki
(Journal of the Written Works of the Komparu House)
Height, 25.5cm., width, 18.6cm.; provisional fukurotoji binding; choshi, paper made from fibers of mulberry trees (kouzo); ink on three pages; outer title "Komparu-ke no shomotsu no nikki (Journal of the books of the Komparu house);" inner title "Apparently the works presented to Shichirou-dono."

This catalog of the written works that were the legacy of the Komparu house dates from the tenth month of Genna 7 (1621), when the works were presented to Komparu Shigekatsu, the grandson and the family heir, by second and third sons (Hachizaemon Mototeru and Oukura Shouzaemon Ujinori, who had temporary custody of the works, because Ujikatsu, the first son of Komparu Yasuteru, the sixth head of the house, had died prematurely.

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