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Ryuutatsu kouta nihyakushu

(Two-hundred verses of Ryuutatsu's ko-uta)
Height, 18.7cm., width 14.5cm.; concertina paper bound, converted to retchou style binding, unfastened; outer title, "Two hundred ko-uta;" ink on thirty-three pages. The colophon reads, "Ryuutatsu's original manuscript, reberently copied; Keichou 18, 11th day of the 10th month, this was written at Anotsu in the province of Ise," and is followed by this verse in "scattered-style" kana calligraphy, "A keepsake for the next world, these traces of the brush will be; whatever earth I am to become."

According to the annotation of Kawase Kazuma on box label, the calligraphy is that of Komparu Motoaki (Yasuyoshi 1588-1661). The paper is ruled six embossed Lined per half page.

Ryuutatsu's ko-uta were songs popularized by Takasabu Ryuutatsu, a phaemaceutical merchant in Sakai. The Eikyoku hidenshou in the National Diet Academic Information Center contains the same two hundred as found in this book. However, as the Houzanji manuscript erroneously combines the first lines of verse 47 with the last lines of verse 48, and omits verse 193, there are actually only 198 verses here. Cf Nihon shomin bunkashiryou shuusei, Vol.5, Kayou.

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