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Zenpou zatsudan
(Miscellaneous Remarks of Zenpou)
Height, 25.6cm., width 18.8cm,; manuscript copy; one book; burnt brown colored paper cover; fufkfurotoji binding; choshi, paper made from fibers of mulberry trees (kouzo); ink on sixty pages; one folded page (height 20.4cm., width 26.2cm.) inserted; internal title "Zenpou nou ongyoku zetsudan kikigaki, iroiro zengo fudou (An account of the miscellaneous remarks of Zenpou on music and noh chanting; sequence disordered" The colophon reads "Twenty second year of the Tenbun era, (1553); Touemon's account of the remarks; perished at the age of seventy-six." An account of the remarks of Komparu Zenpou (1454-1532?) recorded by a certain Touemon, whose identity is unclear.

This book is a late-Muromachi-era manuscript. This is the sole copy of this work, which provides information on flower arrangement, linked verse, tea ceremony and martial arts and of course Zenpou's life and his thoughts on noh.

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