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Yagyuu Kenpou Kyojyou
(Licence of the Yagyuu Scool of Swordmanship)
Drawn by Yagyuu Muneyoshi, Lord of Tajima, for Komparu Shichirou in 1601 (Keichou 6), a stylized signature, known as a kaou, has been imprinted at the end of this scroll. Shichirou's two sons, like their father, aspired to become swordsmen, and requested that explanations of how to wield swords be inscribed above these images. A note indicating that Muneyoshi first refused, but that he was forced to give into their repeated entreaties is affixed to the table of contents. At the end of the document is found the notation, "25th day of the 7th month of Houei 4, Hinoto-i year, Oukouchi Matsudaira Ise-no-Kami Nyudou, 81 years of age, Minamoto Nobusada; presented to Takeda Komparu Hachirou-dono, Takeda Komparu Shikibu Ujichika-dono." It is clear that this was originally a list of the names of swords and images.
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