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Tamukeyama Hachimangu

 This is the shrine of the tutelary deities of Todaiji:
 Emperor Ojin, also known as Homudawakenomikoto (in the central bay), and Emperor Chuai, known as Tarashinakatuhikonomikoto, and Empress Jingu, known as Okinagatarashihimenomikoto (to the right) and Hime Okami (on the left).

 It is said that when the Great Buddha of Todaiji was casted, the deities were summoned from Usa Hachiman shrine in Kyushu. In medieval times when the monks of the temple would march on the capital in protest, they would carry aloft the portable shrine (mikoshi) from Tamukeyama Hachiman with them.

Tegai-e zue

A Guide to Tamukeyama Hachiman
LocationNara-shi, Zoshi-cho434
AccessTake the Nara city loop bus from JR Nara Station, get off at Daibutsuden/Kasuga Taisha-mae bus stop and walk 15 minutes;
or 30 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Nara Station.
CostFree of charge

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