The 2nd Joint Seminar beteen College of Human Ecology, Seoul National University and

Faculty of Human Life & Environment, Nara Women's University

第2回 ソウル大学生活科学部-奈良女子大学 共同セミナー




Date : 15:00-18:30, September 27
        9:00-12:00, September 28
Venue : The Meeting Room of Graduate School of Human Culture 
        Nara Women's University
    (奈良女子大学人間文化研究科会議室 F棟5階) 
Organizer : Faculty of Human Life and Environment, Nara Women's University
Sponser : Japan sociery for the Promotion of Science 
          Koriea Science and Engineering Foundation

Seminar Program


Registration : (受付)15:00

Opening Address : (開会の辞)15:30

Niwa Masako (President, Nara Women's University)
Choi Jeong Wha (Dean & Prof.,Collehe of Human Ecology, Seoul National University)

Key Note Speech :(キーノートスピーチ) 16:00 chaired by Prof. Choi Jeong Wha

Miyoshi Masamitsu (Dean & Prof., Faculty of Human Life and Environment, Nara Women's University)
"The Role of Sciences on Human Life and Environment and the Importance of Asian Concepts on Life in the 21st Century"

Lectures : (講演)16:30 chaired by Prof. Choi Jeong Wha and Miyoshi Masamitsu

1) Lee Yeon Sook (Prof., Seoul National University, Netrition)
"The Dietary Calcium Intake and Bone Mineral Density of Korean Population"
2)Matoba Teruyoshi 的場輝佳 (Prof., Nara Women's University, Food Chemistry)
"Japanese Dietary habit for Preventing Life Style-Related Diseases"
3) Choi Jeong Wha 
"Thermal Living Environment and Cold-Heat Tolerance of Korean"
4)Matsuo Masaru 松生勝 (Prof., Nara Women's University, Textile & Apparel Science)
"Biodegradation of High Strength and High Modulus PE-Starch Domposite Films Buride in Several Kinds of Soil"

Supper Break:18:30



Resumption of Lectures : (講演)9:00

5) Yi Soon Hyung (Associate Prof., Seoul National University, Child Studies)
"The Hygienic Problems and Environmental Conditions of Child Care Centers"
6)Miyasaka Yasuko 宮坂靖子 (Associate Prof., Nara Women's University, Culture & Humanities)
"Vhild Care and Gender Iwwues in Contemporary Japan"
7) Kim Rndo (Associate Prof., Seoul National University, Comsummer Science)
"A Comparison Study of Korean and Japanese Consumer Culture"
8)Nagashima Shunsuke 長嶋俊介 (Prof., Nara Women's University, Socio-Economik Studies of Human Life)
"A Comparative Study on Consumer Education for the Elderly in Japan and Korea 
 -A Survey on Consummer Proglems and Assessment-"

Lunch Break:12:00

Discussion :co-ordinated by Prof. Choi Jeong Wha and Prof. Miyoshi Masamitsu

Discussers : Seoul National University
Rhee Kee Choon (Prof., Consumer Science)
Kim Harriet (Prof., Nutritional Biochemistry)
Choe Hyuncha  (Associate Prof., Consumer Economics)
Hyang In-Kyeong (Prof., Food Science)
Park Chung Hee  (Associate Prof., Textile Science)
Discussers : Nara Women's University
Kojo Shosuke (Prof., Molecular Nutrition)
Yoneda Morihiro (Associate Prof., Textile & Apparel Science)
Sano Toshiyuki  (Prof., Culture & Humanities)
Tokura Hiromi (Prof., Environmental Physiology)

Closing Address : (閉会の辞) 14:50

Choi Jeong Wha (Dean & Prof.,Collehe of Human Ecology, Seoul National University)


Dinner Party : 18:00, at Nara Hotel