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Kiyoshi Oka Prize

Mathematics is thought to be deepened and develop in the following way.

Mathematicians try to settle unsolved problems in their research fields, and try to explore deeper theories; they find some points calling for new ideas and some rips of existing theories, and then observe a sign of new branch of mathematics. They overcome such a difficult situation by creating new methods, and break new ground in mathematics. Subsequently, they go through the process of constructing a new system of mathematics; new horizon of mathematics comes in sight. Mathematicians repeatedly try to settle still unsolved problems even in the new system, and try to explore much deeper theories. Such a cycle of mathematical activities is repeated again and again.

The Kiyoshi Oka Prize is, in such a process of the development of mathematics, awarded to mathematicians who have found interesting problems and solutions, have broken new ground in mathematics, and have made promising discovery and innovation for future mathematics.

Kiyoshi Oka Encouragement Prize

We support young female mathematicians, who are carrying out excellent researches, in order to encourage their further activities.

Kiyoshi Oka Prize 2016

The Oka Mathematical Institute has decided to award the Kiyoshi Oka Prize for 2016 to Kyoji Saito. Please click here.