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Study Advanced Technology in Nara Women's University

  • What Is "HCE"

    In the field of Human Centered Engineering (HCE), we will expand the major and cooperate with another university to research life technology in order to promote technology from a consumer point of view through the practices of creating things based on people and their lifestyle. Our aim is to foster students to become problem solvers in order to make life and society better and safer for the future from a consumer's point of view.

  • About School

    The two concepts “Sustainable Design” and “Life-protecting Design” include studies such as material technology, information technology, and environmental design. Centered on humans and their environment, we aim to engineer technologies from the point of view of the consumers through these kinds of research, academic studies, and developmental practices.

  • Apply

    The Human Centered Engineering major is not only open to students of Nara Women's University, but to anyone who is interested in solving various issues related to the environment. We hold information sessions periodically, so please join us. For more information on how to apply, please refer to the application section on this website or feel free to contact us.