Cooperative Major in Human Centered Engineering

There is currently a serious shortage in women with science and engineering backgrounds, thus development of women with advanced expertise in these fields is an issue that must be addressed. In particular, development and success of female researchers and engineers who can think from a perspective of ordinary citizens may become a driver that supports Japanese industries in the future. Cooperative Major in Human Centered Engineering* aims to nurture women who are capable of flexibly recognizing and studying various issues in human life, based on a broad understanding of engineering fields from foundation to application.

*Cooperative Major is administered based on collaborative education curriculum in universities, established by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. It establishes a structure that enables multiple universities to mutually and efficiently utilize education and research resources in order to form a framework for join educational program. Cooperative major in Human Centered Engineering is jointly administered by Nara Women's University and Ochanomizu University. Through efficient utilization of education and research resources, it aims to provide a high-quality education and research as well as to assume a leading role in addressing issues in the new interdisciplinary and advanced fields.