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Principles of the International Exchange Center at Nara Women's University

One of our principles is to be an open university. That means we are committed to promoting international exchange and contributing to the regional society. As this principle advocates, we are expect to further enhance and develop international exchange in both educational and research fields. To carry out international exchange activities positively and effectively, we hereby establish our basic policies.

1. Enhancing quality of international exchange
We actively promote exchange activities with outstanding researchers and students overseas, enhancing the quality of international exchange and contributing to academic activities.
2. Promoting distinctive international exchange
We take advantage of our educational and research characteristics that we have accumulated for years and further promote international exchange and cooperation with Asia and other countries. We also seek to establish the new development of distinctive international exchange activities based on the development of education and research for the future and global needs.
3. Encouraging international academic exchange agreements
To promote international exchange activities systematically, we make efforts to vitalize exchanges activities with our partner universities and further seek to conclude agreements with universities and institutions with whom we expect to achieve fruitful relationships.
4. Sending information to strengthen international exchange
We are developing this website as well as other publications to deliver quickly and accurately the latest information on our education and research activities and achievements to researchers and students both in Japan and abroad.
5. Developing and enhancing the structure to promote international exchange
The International Exchange Center as its central role works together with relevant divisions to promote exchange with international students and academic communities abroad.


The International Exchange Center was set up on February 28 of 2005. The center is comprised of the International Exchange Planning Division and the International Education Division. The aim of the center is to develop international cooperation, to promote exchange agreement with universities overseas, and to support international students and Japanese students who wish to study abroad. Our role also includes assistance in promoting international exchange in the local community.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Outline of the International Exchange Center

International Exchange Planning Division

  • Planning and implementation of international exchange programs
  • Promotion of activities based on academic exchange agreements
  • International development cooperation
  • Study and research on international exchange activities

International Education Section

  • Education and support for international students
  • Exchange activities with local community
  • Instruction and advice to Japanese students studying abroad
  • Study and research on international education