User Agreement for the gNWU Mail Magazine for Graduated Overseas Studentsh = (Nicknamed Narakara MM)

Approved by the Nara Womenfs University International Exchange Center Steering Committee on
October 3, 2017

@This user agreement relates to the NWU Mail Magazine for Graduated Overseas Students (hereafter, gthe MMh), which is administered by the NWU International Exchange Center (hereafter, gthe Centerh), and regulates the terms and conditions of those who wish to register for the Centerfs mail magazine (hereafter, gthe Applicanth) as well as those who have already registered (hereafter, gthe Userh).
@We may revise the user agreement and how we administer the magazine depending on user feedback. Please make sure to read through this before registering and using the mail magazine.

Article 1. The official name of this mail magazine is gNWU Mail Magazine for Graduated Overseas Studentsh and it is nicknamed gthe Narakara Mail Magazine.h
Article 2. The MM aims to provide former overseas students at NWU with information about NWU as well as exchange-related information, such as recent news about how everyone is doing after graduation. For the future, the aim is to maintain and develop former studentsf relationship with NWU while supporting the establishment of local alumni associations as well as information-sharing and exchange among former exchange students.
[Administration and roles]
Article 3. The MM is administered by the Center. The administrator is in charge of registering and unregistering MM Users as well as editing and sending out the mail magazine.
[User qualification]
Article 4. The MM is only for those who have studied at NWU as overseas students. Former students of all faculties and graduate schools are welcome, whether exchange students, sponsored, or privately funded.

Article 5. It is the Userfs decision whether or not to use the MM. Anyone who qualifies under Article 3 may use it for free, but it is the Userfs responsibility to prepare the equipment and costs needed to receive the emails.
[Registration and cancellation]
Article 6. The Applicant of the MM is asked to apply by the specified procedure (refer to a separate paper). Once the application has been confirmed, the administrator will conduct a qualification check, after which the Applicant will be registered and start receiving the MM.

Article 7. As a rule, the User is regarded as having agreed and consented to the contents of this user agreement once registered for the MM.

Article 8. The User should register with correct and the most recent information. The Center will not be responsible in any way if the User is disadvantaged due to a mistake in the registered information.

Article 9. To unregister from the MM, the User is asked to apply by the specified procedure (refer to a separate paper). Once the application has been confirmed, the administrator will process it and the User will stop receiving the MM.
[Cancellation by the administrator]
Article 10. The Center may contact the Applicant to confirm registered information in case it is incomplete or the sender differs from the address to be registered.

Article 11. The Center may cancel a registration without prior notice if any of the following apply:
1) The email address is unreachable (note that it is the Applicant/Userfs responsibility to check the receipt settings of cell phones, etc.).
2) The registered information contains misinformation or there is third-party impersonation.
3) The User violates the user agreement.
4) The service is misused in some other way.
[Conditions regarding copyright and personal information]
Article 12. The information of Applicants and Users is appropriately handled and strictly managed in accordance with the Regulations for Managing Personal Information Retained by the National Nara Womenfs University (

Article 13. As a rule, the Center will not provide personal information to a third party without prior consent from the member.

Article 14. Information about Applicants and Users will not be used for any purpose other than the administration of the MM.
[Writing mail magazine entries]
Article 15. The User may write entries for the MM by submitting them to the Centerfs administrator. Please be careful when submitting so that personal information is not disclosed more than what is necessary.

Article 16. Please be careful when viewing personal information in the published contents of the MM. Such personal information may not be reused without the consent of the relevant person.
[Prohibited posting contents]
Article 17. Ad hominem attacks, expressions that damage the trust among members of the MM, and strikingly indecent postings are not allowed.

Article 18. Religious and political activities, gossip, solicitations and commercial actions unrelated to the MMfs aims, as well as expressions going against public morals (e.g., discrimination and slander) are not allowed.

Article 19. Non-members of the MM, such as family or friends, may not submit postings.

Article 20. If one of Articles17, 18, or 19 applies, the International Exchange Center has the authority to, after deliberation, either issue a warning to the contributor or suspend the same from using the MM in the future.
[How to submit postings]
Article 21. Please send an email to the Centerfs administrator ( to submit an entry for the MM.

Article 22. Please write your full name and current occupation (include name of affiliated institution if applicable) either in the beginning or the end of the emailfs main text.

Article 23. Please write your entry for the MM in either Japanese or English.

Article 24. To prevent virus infection and spread, we ask that you send plain-text emails for the MM rather than HTML emails.

Article 25. Attached documents are not allowed in the MM. If you have material that you would like to share, either provide a link to a separately uploaded leaflet or article, or contact the MM administrator ( separately.
Article 26. The Center will not be responsible in any way for any damages incurred by the User while using the MM.

Article 27. The Center will not be responsible in any way for problems that may occur between Users of the MM, such as illegal activity, defamation, privacy violation, and slander.

Article 28. The Center will not be responsible in any way for violations of or conflicts over third-party rights caused by MM contents.

Article 29. The Center will not be responsible in any way for damages to the Userfs computer or Internet connection, etc.
Article 30. The Center may make additions or changes to this user agreement when appropriate. This will be announced on the Centerfs homepage.

Article 31. If your do not receive the MM after registering or you would like to change your email address, please contact the MM administrator (

For queries about the user agreement for the gNWU Mail Magazine for Graduated Overseas Studentsh
Mail Magazine Administrator, NWU International Exchange Center
Kitauoya Nishimachi, Nara 630-8506