1. Application for certified documents
When you need certificates issued by NWU once you go back to your country, you may be asked to have them certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan or Embassy of your country in Japan.
Make sure to confirm in advance whether the documents need to be certified, or inquire about the certification method to the Consul General in your country.
In case that you need certificate of graduation and certificate of completion, you should make a request for issuance to Educational Affair Division before your returning home.
2. To-do list before leaving Japan
Below are the reminders before you leave Japan

・Inform your academic advisor and the International Student Section of the day of your departure and your contact details at home.
・Inform your landlord of your moving-out schedule, and contact utility companies to stop and settle any outstanding bills.
・Return National Health Insurance card and notification card (My Number) to your city hall, and settle outstanding insurance fee if any.
・Cancel any contracts (e.g. phone, internet connection service, credit card) you’ve made in Japan.
・Close your bank account.
・Return your residence card at an airport upon departure.

*If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the staff of International Division.