1.Procedure for Receiving Certified Documents
When you need to submit a certificate issued by our university to your home country, sometimes you might need to have it certifi ed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or an embassy in Japan. To be concrete, proof that your degree and academic transcript with grades are authentic might be necessary.
When you must submit documents after you return home, please confirm with the submitting destination whether you need a certificate of graduation, academic transcript with grades, certificate of completion, etc. beforehand. Please inquire abo ut the attestation of the method at the consulate general of the home country, or other place, and follow the procedure.
The time required for this procedure differs by country. For the certificate of graduation and the certificate of completion, you must first request the Educational Affairs Division to issue them. Please plan your schedule for returning home after confirming the period necessary for such procedures
2.Before Leaving Japan
Before leaving Japan, some procedures are n ecessary. Please check the following list. You can contact the International Students Section of the International Division Office for details of the procedure.

・Inform your academic advisor and the International Students Section when you leave Japan and tell them your contact address in your home country.
・Inform the dormitory office or the landlord of your moving date. Cancel and Pay outstanding rent and utility charges (electricity, water, and gas).
・Return your National Health Insurance card to the City Hall and settle your accounts.
・Cancel the contracts (phone, internet, credit card, etc) in Japan.
・Close your bank account if you are no longer using it to make payments or withdrawals.
・Return your r esidence card at the airport when you leave Japan.
3.JASSO Follow - up Services for Former International Students
Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO) provides follow - up services for students after returning home. Please apply through the university. Please confirm details at the International Division .

(1) Research Guidance
JASSO dispatches professors who taught international students during their studies in Japan. This service is for former international students who fulfill certain conditions as well. They provide research guidance after international stud ents return to their home countries.
Ask at the International Exchange Section of the International Division for more details

(2) Research Fellowship
JASSO provides the necessary airfare and a daily allowance for former international students to visit Jap an to do follow - up research lasting up to 90 days . This service is for former international students who fulfill certain conditions . At least one year must pass after the student returns to their home countries to apply for this system.
Ask at the Interna tional Exchange Section of the International Division for more details.

(3) Mail Magazine
JASSO is setting up a new support system bye - mail that will continuously send information to former international student s who have return ed home to their countries. The system will enable an information exchange between JASSO and international students . If you would like to apply for this system, please look at JASSO HP and register for the application directly