1.Procedure for Receiving Certified Documents
When you need certificates issued by our university in your country, you may be required to have them certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or an embassy in Japan. It is the approval process to prove that your graduation certificate or academic transcript is an official document in foreign countries as well.
When you wish to have documents after you return home, please confirm with the submitting destination whether you need a certificate of graduation, academic transcript with grades or certificate of completion beforehand. Please inquire about the attestation of the method at the consulate general at your home country and follow the procedure.
Required number of days for the procedure may depend on countries. For the certificate of graduation and the certificate of completion, you must first request the Educational Affairs Division to issue them. Please plan your schedule for returning home after confirming the period necessary for such procedures.
2.Before Leaving Japan
Before leaving Japan, you should take care of several things as listed below. You can contact the International Students Section of the International Division Office for details.

・I nform your academic advisor and the International Students Section when you leave Japan and tell them your contact address in your home country.
・I nform the dormitory office or the landlord of your moving date. Cancel and settle outstanding rent and utility charges (electricity, water and gas).
・Return your National Health Insurance card and notification card (My Number) to the City Hall and settle your accounts.
・Cancel the contracts (phone, internet, credit card) in Japan.
・Close your bank account if you are no longer using it to make payments or direct payment.
・Return your residence card at an airport when you leave Japan.