Nara Women's University has International Student House and International House as accommodations for international students. For foreign researchers, the university has International House and NWU Nara House. For details on these accommodations, contact International Division.

Nara Women's University INTERNATIONAL HOUSE
Nara Women's University INTERNATIONAL HOUSEThe International House of Nara Women's University is a residence hall for foreign researchers and international students who are working and studying at Nara Women's University. It has several facilities including residence rooms, meeting rooms, a computer room, and a lounge. It has 40 single rooms, 2 rooms for couples and 2 rooms for families.
Kitakouji-cho, Nara, 630-8252 Japan
yResidence Qualificationsz
1.Foreigners and their families who are engaging in teaching and/or research at Nara Women's University.
2.International students and their families who are enrolled in Nara Women's University.
3.Those others approved by the Director.
Type of Apartment Number of room
single scholar A 3 rooms
single scholar B 1 room
married scholar 1 room
family scholar 1 room
single student 36 rooms
married student 1 room
family student 1 room
yPeriod of Residencez
The permitted period of residence is one and a half years maximum.
yRents and Chargesz
1. Researcher's Rents
Type of Apartment Rent(per month) Rent(per day)
single researcher A 7,500 yen 250 yen
single researcher B 7,800 yen 260 yen
married researcher 21,000 yen 700 yen
family researcher 29,700 yen 990 yen
2. Student's Rents
Type of Apartment Rent (per month)
single student 5,900 yen
married student 11,900 yen
family student 14,200 yen
International Student House
NWU Nara HouseThe university has a residence hall, the International Student House, which has 158 rooms for Japanese students and 32 rooms for international students.
All of the rooms are furnished with desks, chairs, beds, bookshelves, and bathrooms. The kitchenette where residents can cook is equipped with a sink, cooking table, and microwave oven.
NWU Nara House
NWU Nara HouseNWU Nara House was recently opened to provide lodging for foreign researchers. The building was originally purchased in 1934 as the president's residence, but has been redesigned and refurnished as a lodging facility for foreign researchers and university visitors promoting international relations, and may also be used for other activities relating to international exchange. The building is a wooden bungalow with a tile roof originally built in the "Taisho romantic" style, and at the time of remodeling the building, great care was taken to preserve the integrity of the traditional Japanese-style atmosphere and fixtures within the framework of modern architecture. The building is a 10 minute walk from the university. There are 5 private rooms, each with a bath and toilet.

International Exchange Section, International Division
Nara Women's University

Kitauoya-higashimachi, Nara, 630-8506 Japan
TELF +81-742-20-3747 / FAXF +81-742-20-3309