1.Entrance Examination Fee, Entrance Fee, and Tuitio
The entrance examination fee must be paid before you submit an admission application form. Those who are accepted by the university should pay the entrance fee by the date of enrollment process. Both the entrance examination fee and the entrance fee should be paid by the postal bank transfer service. The form for payment will be provided by the university. Tuition is payable in two installments at the beginning of each semester.
If you are an exchange student accepted under an academic exchange agreement between Nara Women's University and your home university, you are not required to pay any of these fees. If you are a Japanese Government Scholarship student, tuition is not required. There may be cases in which recipients of Japanese Government Scholarships are exempted from the entrance examination fee and the entrance fee.

(Fees for respective categories for FY 2018 were as follows:)

Status Tuition Entrance Fee Entrance Examination Fee
Undergraduate Course \535,800/year \282,000 \17,000
Graduate Course \535,800/year \282,000 \30,000
Research student \29,700/month \84,600 \9,800
2.Reduction of Tuition and Other Fees
A student who has an outstanding academic record and has difficulty in paying the tuition fee may apply for partial or total entrance and tuition fee exemption.
Non-regular students (research students) are not eligible to apply.
Application may be made twice a year, for each semester.
For more details, please ask the Financial Aid Section of the Student Support Division staff.