1. Academic Advisors

Academic advisors are assigned to all international students, and they will give their students advice on academic and other matters.

2. Tutorial System

This system is designed to help international students new to Japan settle themselves to their new environment as quickly as possible.
An international student who would like to have a tutor should consult her academic advisor or the International Students Section of the International Division.

3. Japanese Language Classes

Japanese language classes are offered to all international students.
International undergraduate students who take Japanese classes as a foreign language and receive credits may use those credits to fulfill the Foreign Language Requirement.
Graduate students who wish to take these classes should ask the Graduate School Section of Educational Affairs Division or the teachers who teach those classes. In this case, any credits received may not be used towards the completion of the graduate degree.
Additionaly, the university offers gBusiness Japaneseh and gInternational Group Workh classes as Career Studies. If you wish to take these classes, please consult at the International Exchange Center.