The rules and regulations pertinent to education and research are mentioned in gNara Womenfs University School Regulations,h and in each facultyfs regulations.
All s tudents are required to understand these regulations. The regulations are mentioned in gCampus Lifeh so you should read them carefully and comply with them.
2.Notices and Information for Students
Notices and information for international students ar e set up on the bulletin board in front of the International Division and the university bulletin board ( to the east of the Academic Information Center ) , Educational Affairs Division, and the Student Support Division . B ulletin boards are also set in each c lassroom. International students should check them regularly .
Announcements from the International Exchange Center and the International Division are also posted on the website .
3.Student Identification Card
The Educational Affairs Division issues identification cards upon admission.
International students should follow the procedures to receive their identification cards and are required to carry them at all times.
4.Confirmation for Registered students
At the International Division , we must confirm the status of register ed students in order to give appropriate guidance and to support our international students so that they are not disadvantaged.
Please come and see the person in charge at the Internatio nal Students Section of the International Division and sign the register book once a month. At th at time, we will confirm whether there is any change in the information on your written report. Please cooperate with us in this.
Certificates are issued by either the automatic certificates machines or directly at the related divisions. Certificates are issued immediately by the automatic machine. If you request a certificate at the counter, it will take about three working days for Japanese ce rtificates, and about ten working days for English (excluding weekends , and year - end and New Year holidays) since the day of request.
The automatic certificate machines are on the 2nd floor of Building F. The certificates issued at the machines are those in (1) below. Note that the machines run only during the office hours of the Educational Affairs Division. The certificates issued at the counters and the divisions in charge of them are those in (2).
(1) Issued by the automatic certificate machines (Regul ar students only)
Certificate (Japanese) Notes
Certificate of Enrollment  
Transcript Except doctoral course (Those who enter the course from 2009 and after can have transcript s issued automatically by machine)
Certificate of Scheduled Graduation After April of the final year
Certificate of Scheduled Completion Except doctoral course Available after April of the final year
Student Discount Certificate Limited to 2 0 copies per one academic year per person
Certificate of Health Check Those who took uni versityfs health check can have it issued after the end of May .
(2) Issued at the Divisions
Certificate (Japanese or English) Divisions or Sections
Certificate of Enrollment Educational Affairs Division for each Faculty / Graduate School
Certificate of Scheduled Graduation
Certificate of Scheduled Completion
Certificate of Commutation
Certificate of Monbukagakusho Scholarship Students International Students Section of the International Division
Certificate of Scholarship Students
(1) Temporary Leave or Trips Abroad
When you temporarily leave Japan to return to your home country or travel abroad, you need to submit a g Notification of Temporary Leave h to the International Students Section of the International Divis ion. You should contact your academic advisor as well. W hen you leave Japan for more than one year, r emember to receive a re - entry permit (see p age 5 ) at the immigration office .
(2) Change of Contact Information
If your contact information such as address or phone number change s, you need to notify the International Students Section, Educational Affairs Division and your academic advisor.
7.Academic Information Center
A student Identification Card is required to use the Academic Information Center . To e nter the center , you swipe your ID card through a bar - code reader at the entrance .
Books and documents in the center are available for lending and reading. Please confirm the details on the center website or at the counter of the center .
Academic Informat ion Center : http://www.nara - wu.ac.jp/
aic Some computers at NWU require an ID number issued by the center. You are required to receive an explanation about the security by the IT Support Desk on the second floor of the center to obtain the ID number , passwo rd and email address . *
Operating Hours
  Mon - Fri Sat Sun
When the university is in session 9:00 ` 21:00 10:00 ` 17:00 13:00 ` 17:00
During the spring and summer vacation 9:00 ` 17:00 10:00 ` 17:00 -
On Sundays, the Academic Information Center is op en with limit ed services ( book reading and lending )
* IT Support Desk is open from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays

sCenter Closingst
ENational Holidays
EDuring summer closings of all university offices
EYear - end and New Year holidays
EThe day of national center t est for university admissions
EThe day of individual academic achievement tests

Temporary closings and change of opening hours will be announced on the bulletin board at the center . Y ou can check it on the center website as well .
8.Extracurricular Activities and Clubs
Various group activities meet on campus. They are a good opportunity to communicate with Japanese students. If there are any groups you are interested in, please contact them. Here is a list of the clubs
Athletic Clubs Aikido Club, Ice Ska ting Club, Ballo o n Club, Japanese Archery Club, Kendo Club, Tennis Club, Soccer Club, Swimming Club, Ski Club, Soft Tennis Club, Table Tennis Club, Naginata (Fauchard) Club, Basketball Club, Badminton Club, Volleyball Club, Handball Club, Dance Club, Moder n Dance Club, Track and Field Club, Lacrosse Club
Cultural Clubs E.S.S. (English Speaking Society), Drama Club, Flower Arrangement Club, Competition - style Karuta (card game), Christian Students Club, Antique Study Club, Tea Ceremony Club, Photography Club , Calligraphy Club, Astronomy Club, Braille Translation Club, Nara Colle, Art Club, Literary Club, Comic Study Club, Midori - gumi, Wakatake Volunteer Club (aids disabled children), Education Affair Study Club, Social Science Study Club
Music Music Club, Symphony Orchestra Club, Guitar and Mandolin Club, Light Music Club, Jazz Club, W ind I nstruments Music C lub, Koto (Japanese harp) Club, Noh Drama Club, Piano - Forte Club
Other Annual University Festival Committee
9.Events for International Students (annual schedule)
(1) Orientation for New Students (April October)
Every year, an orientation mainly for the new international students is held. New students are encouraged to participate since important office procedures and notices that international students should know about are given in this orientation.

(2) Excursions (June)
Excursions are carried out as a part of the education programs for international students. The aim is to provide international students with the opportunity to understand Japanese history, culture and industry , and so on. Students can also deepen relationships with each other through these events.
Schedule and details will be announced by the International Students Section.

(3) Japanese Speech Contest by International Students (June)
A speech contest by international students is held once a year. The aim is to encourage the learning of Japanese, to promote international exchange, and to deepen the relationship among the participants. Around ten speakers will participate in the contes t. Please take part and demonstrate to others your learning performance.

(4) Presidentfs Reception for International Students (June)
This event is to promote friendship between international students, teachers, staff, tutors, and outside groups giving s upport to international students. Details will be announced when the schedule is determined.

(5) Other
Other events will be carried out for international students. Announcements will be put on the bulletin board and the web site.