Summer Programme まほろば

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Summer Program "Man’yo"date; 7/26 - 8/7
Aiming to train internationally active pro-Japan female leaders, Nara Women’s University conducts a summer program for students of Asian and Western partner universities with which it has student-exchange agreements.

This program is intended for students who can already speak Japanese (at level N3 or higher). It will deepen their understanding of Japan’s culture and society from a variety of perspectives and from the past until the present. This will be done through lectures and practical exercises that will give them a solid grasp of the history and traditional culture of both Nara and Japan, as well as through activities focused on issues seen across the country, such as depopulation and the aging of society.

Application Procedure

1. Eligible applicants
* Students from overseas partner universities listed below

・Hanoi University
・VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities
・Foreign Trade University (Hanoi)
・Trier University
・Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
・University Paris Diderot-Paris 7
・Gadjah Mada University
・Tunghai University
・The University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University-Hanoi
・Chiang Mai University
2. For Applicants (students)
1. Fill in the application form (Form 1 Word/PDF)
2. Submit (Form 1 Word/PDF) to the responsible of your university (see the list; DO NOT directly apply to Nara Women’s University) well in advance of the application deadline (8th April 2019)

Notes: A fixed number of candidates can be recommended to Nara Women’s University by each university. In some cases, there is also an internal selection process within the university. Please be sure to verify matters with the person in charge at each respective university before submitting documents.
3. For the Responsible of a partner university
- In order to send students to this program, it is necessary to conclude the short program agreement that was sent along with the program brochure and application.
- The number of students notified by Nara Women’s University can be recommended. If more students want to participate, each university will be requested to select students.


  1. Collect Form 1 from all candidates of your university
  2. Check if all candidates of your university completely filled in the Form 1
  3. Check if all candidates are surely registered students with your university as of August 2019.
  4. Fill in the collective application form(Form 2)
  5. Send Form 1 and 2 by the Email attachments to

    (Please replace ** with @)

    by 8th April 2019 (no later application is accepted)

You will be informed of the selection results by Nara Women’s University. Please notify each candidate. A short-term agreement from Nara Women’s University will then be sent: please sign and return it.