1.Japanese Government Scholarship Students
Students awarded the Japanese Government Scholarship will receive financial support during their study in Japan. However , if a student is out of Japan for a whole month ( from the beginn ing to the last day of a month), the scholarship will not be paid for that month.
Students must submit a “ Notification of Temporary Leave ” to the International Students Section of the International Division before leaving , and should notify t he Internation al Students Section immediately when coming back to Japan.
Please note that the scholarship will not be paid if a student takes temporary or long - term leave from the university.
The amount of the Japanese Government S cholarship s as of January 2015 is as fo llows .


Undergraduate Students 117,000 yen/month + additional stipend for designated area
Research International Students Research students
(Non - degree students)
143,000 yen/month + additional stipend for designated area
Master’s course
(Regular student s)
144,000 yen/month + additional stipend for designated area
Doctoral course
(Regular students)
145,000 yen/month + additional stipend for designated area
Japanese Studies Students 117,000 yen/month + additional stipend for designated area
In - service Training Teachers
(Research Students)
143,000 yen/month + additional stipend for designated area

※「 additional stipend for designated area 」 means, student who study/research in a designated region will be provided an additional stipend monthly of 2,000 yen
(1) Procedures for Receiving Scholarships
To receive payment, international students must visit t he International Students Section once every month to sign an enrollment registry to confirm your enrollment. Scholarship will be transferred to the Japan Post Bank saving s account of the student .
Please open an account at a post office as soon as you come to Japan or when you become a Japanese Government Scholarship student. W hen completing procedures to open an account, please take some form of personal identification, such as your residence card .
The deadlines of confirmation are two designated times each month. The date of payment of the scholarship depends on when you sign. For more details, ask the International Students Section.

(2) Extension of the Period for Receiving the Scholarship
When a student wishes to continue her studies, she can apply for an extension of the scholarship period. However, in some cases like Japanese Studies Student s , an application for extension is not available. International students who wish to have their period of grants extended should consult with the International Stud ents Section of the International Division f o r more details .

(3) Travel Expenses on Returning to the Home Country
When Japanese Government Scholarship students return to their home countries in the same month of finishing the designated period, they will b e given an air ticket from either Narita Airport ( or Kansai International airport ) to the nearest airport in their home countries. The air ticket will not be provided to those who stay in Japan beyond the designated period or those who return home in the m iddle of the scholarship period. You must note that the request for the air ticket is not accepted after the end of scholarship period.
The application deadline at our university is 2 months before you wish to return . (However , if you wish to depart at the end of the fiscal year (March), submit the form by the end of December .)
When you complete your period of study abroad and make a plan to return home, please contact the International Student s Section of the International Division in advance.
For details , you may contact the International Students Section.
2.Scholarships for Private - Expense International Students
Announcements for scholarships for private - expense international students are posted on the bulletin boards on campus and the website. Because application periods will close soon for some scholarships, it is recommended that you check the announcements regularly. Information on scholarships offered each year is as follows.