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Message from the Dean


Greetings, everyone. This is Yamauchi, the dean of the Faculty of Science. I specialize in astrophysics. I use X-rays to observe space -- the same rays as those used in radiography .

The Faculty of Science undertakes education and research in the natural sciences. There are many things around us, and various phenomena occur. What is the mechanism and structure of the various things that exist in nature? And how do the various phenomena in nature occur? There must be some reason behind them. Natural science aims to understand the mechanism and structure of nature and elucidate the laws of the natural world. The scope of this exploration includes not only what occurs at the level of our daily lives, but also topics ranging from the microscopic world, such as that of elementary particles, to the macro scale of the outermost edge of the universe. We explore them from various perspectives, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental sciences. The new knowledge provided by the exploration of natural sciences is not limited to satisfying our intellectual curiosity, but it also enriches our lives through application to new sciences and technologies.

Exploring the natural sciences is driven by a sense of wonderment that fills one with the "why" and "how" questions and a curiosity and desire to know the answers to those questions. We will then examine the phenomena in detail through experiments and observations, discover the laws, and construct theories to explain them. Here, it is necessary to look closely at a phenomenon occurring until one sees through its nature and essence and to mobilize all the knowledge that one possesses to think logically about why it occurs. Such an exploration leads to an exciting world filled with moments that moves one to exclaim "I understand!" when answers are found and the exhilarating moments of discovering new facts. In your studies at the Faculty of Science, Nara Women's University, I hope that you will acquire the basic knowledge necessary for inquiry activities, the ability to think logically, and the ability to solve problems and experience the joy of natural science.

As one of the only two national women's universities in Japan, Nara Women's University has produced several female human resources in society, contributing to the realization of a society in which men and women can respect one another and fully express their individuality and abilities. However, unfortunately, the proportion of women in the science and technology sector in Japan is still low. Therefore, we are making various efforts to support female researchers to improve the educational research environment. Under such circumstances, the Faculty of Science is engaged in education and research with the mission of sending out to society such human beings as those that can work as leaders in solving the challenges of the next generation through their acquired skills and knowledge in the natural sciences.

Here in Nara, with its abundant nature, rich history, and an environment filled with calmness, as well as in a women-friendly educational and research environment, let us engage in the exploration of the natural sciences together.