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Master's Program in Environmental Sciences Course

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The Environmental Sciences course consists of four groups: Global Environmental Sciences, Mathematical Biology, Environmental Chemistry and Biological Environment Science. In the group of Global Environmental Sciences, we research the properties of the earth's environment based on satellite observations in order to adequately comprehend current global environmental changes. The research covers broad fields, such as the development of remote sensing algorithms and simulation of global environmental changes. In the group of Mathematical Biology, we apply mathematical and computational techniques to explore a variety of biological phenomena and interactions with environments. This is a very interdisciplinary field of science in which the disciplines of applied mathematics, biology, and computational science are employed together. In the group of Environmental Chemistry, we aim to develop new analytical methods for archaeology and the preservation of cultural assets. We also adopt synthetic approaches to create new functional, environmentally friendly compounds for environmental analyses. In the group of Biological Environment Science, we study how organisms interact with their environments through interdisciplinary approaches involving molecular biology, genomics, physiology, and ecology, and apply the findings generated by such studies to our education programs.

Faculty and Research

Group of Global Environmental Sciences
Sachiko Hayashida
Atmospheric Science and Remote Sensing
Analysis of atmospheric chemical and physical processes utilizing satellite measurements
Keywords : satellite observation, atmospheric minor species, greenhouse warming gases, ozone, global warming, atmospheric pollution
Kanako Muramatsu
Environmental Sciences and Remote sensing
Studies on environmental changes over land with analyses of satellite images
Keywords : remote sensing, gross primary production, net primary production, land cover mapping
Makoto KUJI
Associate Professor
Atmospheric Science
Studies on the atmospheric environment with analyses of meteorological data
Keywords : Cloud, Aerosol, Water vapor, Solar energy
Katsuyuki Noguchi
Assistant Professor
Earth and Planetary Atmospheric Science
Studuies on planetary atmospheres using observational data and numerical simulations
Keywords : Planetary atmosphere, Mars, Venus
Group of Mathematical Biology
Fugo Takasu
Mathematical Biology
Mathematical and computational modeling of population, behavioral, and evolutionary biology
Keywords : Mathematical models, Ecology, Behavioral Ecology
Satoshi Takahashi
Associate Professor
Mathematical Ecology
Modeling dynamics and evolution of lateral asymmetry in fish
Keywords : Lateral asymmetry, frequency dependent selection, oscillation, genetic incompatibility, evolution
Mayumi Seto
Assistant Professor
Theoretical Geochemistry, Geomicrobiology, and Ecology
Modeling of microbial and biogeochemical processes in soils, sediments, and aqueous systems
Keywords : geomicrobiology, ecosystem ecology, environmental risk
Group of Environmental Chemistry
Takashi Nakazawa
Establishment of protein archaeology based on the chemical and environmental characterization of proteins in cultural assets and archaeological specimens
Keywords : Protein, Organic chemistry, Biochemistry, Mass spectrometry, Archaeology
Yuji Mikata
Environmental Analytical Chemistry
Development of compounds as tools for environmental analyses
Keywords : Fluorescence, Sensor, Zinc ion, Cadmium ion
Tomokazu Yoshimura
Environmental Colloid Chemistry
Development of environmentally friendly surfactants and study of removal of contaminated materials using colloid particles
Keywords : Surfactant, Reduction of Environmental Load, Colloid, Environmental Contaminated Material
Takae Takeuchi
Associate Professor
Environmental Mass Spectrometry
Study of microbial volatile organic compounds for the preservation of cultural properties using mass spectrometry
Keywords : Reaction Dynamics, Quantum Chemistry, Chemical Mass Spectrometry, Cultural Property, Chemical Microbiology
Group of Biological Environment Science
Kazuhiko Saeki
Microbial Genomics
Competition and evolution of soil bacteria
Keywords : Rhizobium, Legume
Atsushi Sakai
Environmental Biology
Ecophysiological and biochemical analyses of allelopathy (a chemical interaction among plants)
Keywords : Allelopathy, thigmomorphogenesis, photosynthesis, hypersensitive cell death, leaf reddening
Satoshi Tamotsu
Physiological study of extraocular photoreceptors
Yoichi Yusa
Applied Ecology
Ecology, diversity, and control of marine and freshwater invertebrates
Keywords : mollusc, crustacea, sex, life history, species interaction, alien species
Takashi Ida
Associate Professor
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ecology and evolution of plant reproductive strategies
Keywords : Ecology and Evolution, Phenology, Pollination, Mating system, Resource allocation
Izumi Katano
Associate Professor
Freshwater Ecology and Conservation
Studies for biodiversity-environment interactions, community ecology, and ecosystem management in freshwater habitats
Keywords :
Kumi Sato-Nara
Associate Professor
Environmental Biology
Environmental regulation of plant growth
Keywords : parasitoids, life history, populations, moths, phylogeography
Hiroaki Sato
Associate Professor
Terrestrial Ecology
Ecological studies of interactions between animals and plants
Keywords : Arabidopsis thaliana, MRI, circadian clock, high temperature stress, salt stress