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Master's Program in Physics and Mathematics Course


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Introduction of Department

In the Physics and Mathematics course, students learn a broad knowledge of mathematics, physics, and computer programming.
Moreover, students acquire the ability to find and solve scientific problems which appear in today's quickly changing society, communication skills, and information transmission capacity.
Research subjects in this course cover a wide range of mathematics and physics including cross-disciplinary fields.

Faculty and Research

So Kitsunezaki
Nonequilibrium Dynamics
Study of pattern formation
Keywords : Nonlinear dynamics, Pattern formation, Physics of granular matters, Rheology
Tsuyoshi Kobayashi
Applied Topology
Mathematical Science of Form
Keywords : 3-manifold, Knots and Links, Mixing fluids, Origami
Masahisa Tsuchiizu
Associate Professor
Condensed-Matter Theory
Theoretical study of electronic states in crystals
Keywords : Condensed matter theory; Low-dimensional electron systems; Renormalization-group method
Junichi Matsuzawa
Group Theory
Group Theory and Discrete Geometry
Keywords : group theory, minimal surfaces, gyroid surfaces, Laves' graph, softmatter
Yasushi Yamashita
3-dimensional visualization of non-Euclidean geometry
Keywords : Topology, hyperbolic geometry, visuallization
Hideo Yoshioka
Condensed-Matter Theory
Nano electrons system theory
Keywords : graphene、silicene、topological insulators、Dirac electrons