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Title: Analysis of the archaeological specimens with protein chemistry and mass spectrometry to address the issues of ancient culture and civilization
Name: Professor Takashi Nakazawa
Release: March, 2017
Title: Research on a "New Atom" Formed from Meson and Atomic Nucleus
Name: Professor Satoru Hirenzaki
Release: January, 2017
Title: Exploring the evolution of galaxy clusters dominated by the enigma of dark matter
Name: Associate Professor Naomi Ota
Release: December, 2016
Title: Clarifying the Mechanisms of Enzyme Action with the Power of Chemistry
Name: Professor Hiroshi Fujii
Release: November, 2016
Title: Discovery of a "Switch" That Converts a Reaction Path
Name: Associate Professor Mikito Toda
Release: February, 2016
Title: Solidification of Strongly Coupled Plasmas - Are White Dwarfs a Diamond?
Name: Associate Professor Shuji Kiyokawa
Release: January, 2016
Title: Molecular Design for Fluorescent Metal Sensors
Name: Professor Yuji Mikata
Release: December, 2015
Title: Correspondence between the Synchronization of an Oscillator Network and the Emergence of Magnetism - A Creative Detour
Name: Professor Tatsuya Uezu
Release: November, 2015
Title: Atmospheric Minor Species- Finding diamonds in the sand
Name: Professor Sachiko Hayashida
Release: October, 2015
Title: "Leaves that Move?" Sea Slugs That Perform Photosynthesis
Name: Professor Yoichi Yusa
Release: September, 2015
Title: Searching for "the True Functions of Genes," that Can Only be Known After Removing the Action of One Gene
-From Fundamental Biology to Understanding the Causes of Human Disease-
Name: Professor Toshio Watanabe
Release: August, 2015